Company Origins

Microset Products Ltd was incorporated in 1985 to develop, manufacture and market replication materials specifically for engineering inspection purposes.
Initial work on polymer replication was undertaken during this time and resulted in systems being developed for the underwater inspection of North Sea oil installations.


Microset System Development

In the early 1990’s the company was approached by Rolls Royce plc and moulding materials with unique proprietary formulations were developed for the inspection of critical engineering surfaces. These high resolution materials could replicate detail with dimensions less than 0.1 microns.
Rolls Royce plc collaborated in the extensive testing and trials that were necessary before the materials could be formally approved. The introduction of these materials and associated techniques allowed the successful assessment of surface features in critical applications and at remote locations where other techniques were impractical.


Microset Today

In recent years, the number of applications has increased significantly. Microset polymers are now used in hi-tech engineering throughout the world and the company is rapidly expanding both its home and international customer bases.
In addition to a standard range of products for use in frequently encountered situations and conditions, non-standard formulations to meet specific individual requirements are also supplied. Microset Products Ltd is an ISO 9001 company (view certificate) and its products are produced and packaged in house under strict quality control procedures.