Replicating with Microset

In order to use Microset replicating compounds, a simple application system is required comprising:
  • a cartridge dispensing gun,
  • a twin pack cartridge of Microset compound (contains both base material and catalyst),
  • a static mixing nozzle.
A cartridge of Microset compound is dispensed using a manual, pneumatic or electric dispensing gun. Air free mixing of the base and catalyst is achieved by using a static mixing nozzle attached to the outlet of the cartridge.
Three application systems are available, 50ml, 265ml and 495ml. Each application system delivers fully mixed replicating compound directly to the area of interest. The compound cures to produce a highly accurate flexible rubber replica of the surface. Replicas can be made in any shape or size, with a 0.1 micron resolution achieved over the whole of the replica surface.
Microset compounds are available as either fluid or thixotropic materials and with a range of curing times to accommodate varying ambient temperatures. High viscosity Putty materials are also available which do not require an application system. See Technical Info for details.


50 cut out265 cut out495 cut out 2


50ml system                                                                                         265ml system                                                                                495ml system