Microset Products Ltd manufacture specially formulated two-part polymers, designed for high resolution replication of surface detail. They are supplied in convenient and reliable cartridge application systems which allow replicas to be made, in any shape or size, of most solid non-porous surfaces.
Microset replicating compounds have a resolution better than 0.1 microns (4 x10⁻⁶ inches) making them ideal for the inspection and quality control of engineering surfaces. Applications include surface defect characterization, surface finish assessment and metallography. Microset replicas are also dimensionally stable for geometric measurement and can be stored indefinitely for future reference.
Microset replicas are high strength elastomeric materials and are capable of being removed from holes, tubes and moderate re-entrant geometries without damage to the replica surface. This facilitates the quality control of internal machined surfaces which are often inaccessible to conventional measuring equipment.
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