Replica Examination

When viewed microscopically under coaxial illumination, Microset replicas have a bright metallic appearance, allowing detail such as microstructure, micro-cracking and pitting to be observed at high magnifications. These characteristics make Microset replication ideal for the assessment of defects on critical engineering surfaces.
Microset replicas can be examined using various techniques including:

Stereo Macroscopy
3D Infinite Focus Microscopy
Scanning Electron Microscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy
White Light Interferometry
Shadowgraph Measurement
3D Laser Measurement




Fatigue pitting on a gear tooth surface SEM x100


Microset compounds can be used in macroscopic 3D moulding applications where dimensions and measurements are required.
Microset replica of a diesel engine injector nozzle (X20)

Microset replica of a diesel engine injector nozzle (X20)

Microset 101RF replica of Laser-drilled holes in a gas turbine blade (x10)

Microset replica of stress corrosion cracking in a stainless steel bolt hole (X20)




The high resolution of Microset compounds allows microscopic examination of replicas up to a magnification of X1000.

Honing pattern on a diesel engine cylinder liner. Microset replica x100

Sigma Phase in duplex stainless steel. Microset replica x400

Creep damage in a power station component. Microset 101RF replica x1000


60/40 Brass. Microset replica x100

Low alloy steel. Microset replica x200

Sigma Phase in duplex stainless steel x1000




Despite their flexibility when stretched, Microset replicas retain their initial overall geometry and dimensions and are successfully employed for both high accuracy metrology applications and macroscopic measurements.

Microset replica of an 8mm diameter threaded hole.

MikroCAD topography measurement from Microset replica of a rolled thread.

Height profile taken from adjacent MikroCAD topography data.



Scanning Electron Microscopy

SEM Inspection is the preferred method for viewing the high resolution capabilities of Microset compounds.

Microset 101FF replica of corrosion pitting.

Microset replica of a brittle fracture surface.

Microset replica of a ductile fracture surface.